Your Questions About Stamped Concrete Patio

Laura asks…

I’m having my Stamped Concrete Patio poured today. Chance of rain later tonight and tomm. Should I postpone?

Doug answers:

Probably fine, concrete begins to set up rather quick, the full cure is what takes time. If it’s (light) showers, it’ll probably be better for the curing of the concrete, as it will slow the process. If it’s heavy rain, postpone, you can always cover it with visqueen after you’re done with the work to protect it from rain.

Talk to the person that will be doing the concrete work, if they choose to do it in the rain and it’s ruined, it’s their responsibility to make it right.. Make sure you read and understand the contract.

The company providing the actual concrete can also adjust their moisture content per the weather conditions.

Jenny asks…

I have stamped concrete on my patio the surface is flaking?

The patio is only three years old can i resurface it in any way

Doug answers:

Depends on the situation. Is the concrete itself flaking or just the sealer. We recommend the sealer be reapplied every two years, sometimes more often depending upon weather.
Do you have actual stamped concrete or an overlay? If it is an overlay it should probably be removed and redone. If it is the actual poured concrete it sounds as though the surface is spauling which happens when concrete is not done correctly. That can be dealt with if the spauling is minimal by grinding and an overlay. I recommend you have a professional look at it. Try the concretenetwork

Mary asks…

Why is my beautiful concrete patio turning white, when I water my potted plants?

We put in a large stamped concrete patio this year. We put quite a few plants in pots on the patio. When I water there is a white film left on the concrete. If it is mineral deposits from the water, how or can I get it off! And any ideas on how to prevent it from happening. Our patio would be empty without plants. so not putting them is not a option!
We had the concrete put in professionally. It is colored stamped concrete. The contractor did seal it a day after he put it in. It is a brownish grey color, so the white really stands out. I do have my pots on rollers, , but I guess when the water drains, it sits in the low stamped spots, and causes the white spots. Also I have used store bought potting soil for all my pots.

Doug answers:

Could be the water used in watering the plants is turning the concrete white but then isn’t concrete white(ish)? Could also be the elements within the concrete mix clashing with the elements (air, water, etc.). Go to a lowes or home depot. Go to the dept that sells concrete by the bag & seek out a pro. Ask for suggestions. I dunno where you live or what earth elements you are exposed to like change of climate, sun exposure, or whatever, but this really factors into it. Just a thought but what’s in the soil that surrounds your patio? You are dealing with so many variables that have impacted on something that is unnatural (placed on something that IS natural – your ground). You’ll have to play detective for this one or you could call in a pro. Say! Did you have this stamped concrete patio installed or do it yourself? Check with the installer if you did. Good luck!

Helen asks…

Who do I contact to put in a new concrete patio?

My old patio is not doing it for me anymore. We are putting a door from the master bedroom to the patio and will need to have steps built so I figure this is the time. I now have an ugly painted concrete pation with a bad slope (towards the house) and would like a stamped concrete patio, but cannot figure out where I find someone to do this work.

Thank you for any help or further information. I am at a loss!
I live in Sonoma County, California. How much would I expect to pay for demolition and installation of a 500 square food stamped concrete patio?

Doug answers:

Call a concrete contractor in your area. Most good ones will either do stamping themselves or can refer a good concrete finisher that can do the final work along with them. Expect to pay about $8-12/sq.ft. For stamped concrete not including any demolition work that would need to be done.

Some of the nicer patterns are the Ashler Slate patterns that look like fine Italian slate with about four different colors used to create a realistic look. Make sure you get some references and see some finished work of the person who will be doing the stamping. It’s an easy concept but it takes years to master the technique. Getting the colors rights and making clean impressions will really make a difference in the outcome. You definitely don’t want to spend all this money and come out with a job that really looks like fake stone! The idea is for people to hardly even notice it is stamped, not the other way around.

Good luck!

John asks…

will removing dirt so i can install a mulch border harm my stamped concrete patio,i live in indiana?

i have a stamped concrete patio,iwanted to install low voltage lights around it .i removed 3 to 4 inches of sod and dirt,12 inches wide,from around the patio,i also removed exsess stone that was under the concrete guy told me i should not have done this because water will now run under the patio and cause it to crack in the from northern indiana.he said to use landscape stone,not mulch,to help fix what i did.i wanted to use mulch.should i hire a new concrete guy

Doug answers:

Even with stone the water will get under it, but if the slope is toward the slab then it would have gone there even with the sod, if your patio is higher than the rest of your backyard you should be ok, ask your “concrete guy” what the difference between sod mulch and rock is concerning water intrusion, if your really worried do some more digging and put some 6 mil visqueen under you bed sloped away from the slab

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