Your Questions About Concrete Prices Per Square Foot

Maria asks…

what is the average price per square foot for a 4″ concrete finished floor?

Doug answers:

5-7 dollars around here…thats for prep work and concrete…for me to just show up and pour and finish and you bought all the materials i would need about 1.50 a sq. Ft.

Helen asks…

What is the fair market price for concrete work per square foot in Atlanta area?

I am planning to correct a drainage problem my builder overlooked while building my house. Currently the water coming off my roof is eroding the dirt surrounding my basement. It has no where to go and it is finding its own way. This problem is worsened by the drought we had which burnt the newly planted lawn and now the rains washed the dead lawn and the top soil to the bottom of the hill my house sits on. I plan to put in a concrete patio behind the house where mud sits right now and put in a drainage system to manage/route the water off the building. What should I expect to pay per sq ft for a 4″x6’x45′ patio? I have only one quote from a seemingly professional contractor but nothing to compare it with.

Doug answers:

If he does everything , digging it out, putting in a good 3 or4 in. Base , forming and pouring and stripping and clean up including backfilling the edges…you could pay as much as $10.00 a sq. Ft. I can only get about 6 or 7 dollars a foot around here…whatever you do go look at some of their work…lots of so called finishers out there who do sloppy work…dont know what the drainage system will run…

Chris asks…

Warehouse construction — price per square foot?

I am estimating the replacement cost of an 18,000 ft.², double high ceiling warehouse building. It has “twin — T.” flat roof construction. In other words the roof is very strong and looks like you could drive a truck over it. The floors are smooth concrete, and the walls are concrete block.

Doug answers:

What your saying is that you want to advertise in this column for your warehouse. I don’t think that’s Hoyle sir. I don’t think you can do business in this column and, should ask the administrators about it therefore cannot answer you.

Thomas asks…

House price per square feet contractor?

Home Addition cost please help?
Contractor wants to charge $200 a square feet for expanding into a covered patio. No roofing required, no concrete required/ already poured our foundation, and will reuse our old windows.

Approximately 350 square feet

All they have to do is drywall 3 sides and stucco finnish 1 exterior wall lay the marble and add some simple crown molding. This is for a living room with 2 story high ceilings

This is in southern california La, I feel like they are overcharging us , what is a reasonable price per square feet?

Doug answers:

Out here in Indiana that is a very high price

that is a remodel not new construction

someone out here probably would charge by the hour somewhere around 25 to 50 depending upon size of the crew

Charles asks…

Flooring options. Concrete vs. laminate wood vs. bamboo?

I want to rip up the old carpet and get something new. I’m torn between acid staining my existing concrete floors, wood laminate flooring or bamboo.

Does anyone know the approxiamate price per square foot for each? Which is the better choice with pets and children? Which is easier to care for and will last the longest?

Any links or other information would be great.

Doug answers:

I would recommend bamboo–can’t tell u prices as don’t know where you live–prices different everywhere–I chose bamboo because it is ecologically preferred as it is a renewable source and can be discarded safely (decomposes naturally). Also it looks great. To get all the facts contact flooring place that carries bamboo–it is becoming very popular.

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