Your Questions About Colored Concrete Cost

Lizzie asks…

How do i get perfect white concrete?

Ive been using white cement for a while now with normal builders sand and a very light aggregate. But i still seem to get an off white colour. I really want a perfect white colour that wont drastically increase the cost of my mix. How can i do this?

Doug answers:

You can get white mortar.
It is used for building glass block walls.
Look in the glass block section of Lowes or HomeDepot or equivalent.

Mary asks…

I would like to know is somebody know the name of a kind of flooring . The floor look like a mix of concrete w

It look like a mix of concrete with little stones or circles. The stones can be in differents colors.

I’m sorry for the lack of details. I’m just crazy for that kind of flooring that I saw in an apartment and I have no idea how is call.

If you know what I’m talking about can you tell me how much would cost to do that in a 6 x 4 bathroom.

thank you!!!
Oh no, I think is not terrazo. Let me see how I can describe it. It doesn’t look like tiles or anything like that is like a mixture of something and then you insert like cristals, or colorful little stones. Is not flat, is kind of bumby, I think is like that so it wont be slippery. and after you out the decorations ( stones or cristal) if like you painted with some kind of glaze.

Hope some one understand me!!!!

Thank you!!!!!

Doug answers:

Does it look like this?


I believe there are some places that would install this in a “home” environment, although most website (I googled it) show it for industrial use.

This may not be what you are talking about, but it sounded like it to me!! If not I hope you find it.

David asks…

Why is it that some schools are made of so much depressing concrete?

And also disgusting colour schemes…is there some reason (maybe phycological) or it for cost reduction or what is it?
I go to a Private School so it is not a government building.

Doug answers:

Most likely it’s the cost.

Joseph asks…

which is better – block paving a driveway or concrete imprinting?

cost wise they are both about the same but maintenance wise i do not know. also, how long after before each one begins to fade in colour?

Doug answers:

Don’t forget that you need to allow the rain through, have you looked at permeable paving?
See link for example, must be others.

Daniel asks…

troweled in color on a concrete walk….does that work?

Ive been told two different things. Avoid it, in a few years, and some wear, the colors erode or wear off…..and it’s works great, it’s easier, and not expensive.

We’re getting bids on a concrete walk ….it’s about 3 yards of concrete….I was told having a truck deliver a small amount is not cost effective, yet this contractors price….he’s pro hand trowel….is way higher than the others.

His price is twice the other bids….I’m inclined to stay away from him….

any thoughts from you pros out there?

Doug answers:

Troweled in color is shakey to me. Depends on the process. Adding a die to the concrete would wear off over time. But…. Adding a concrete stain to the concrete with a more permanent paint base like polyurethane could produce a fantastic final product with long term happiness for many years to come. The bid is justified being double in that case.

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