Your Questions About Average Cost Of Wedding Flowers

Nancy asks…

Average Cost for Wedding Flowers?

Looking for an ideal range for the cost of flowers for a church and a different reception location.

I got an estimate, just trying to compare.


Doug answers:

Too much, it’s a waste of money for some flowers when you could buy something that will last longer and mean a lot more like a pretty gold necklace for the bride to wear.

Chris asks…

Average cost of wedding flowers in the UK?

I am getting married in March 2010 so I have been gathering as much info as I possibly can. The only area where everything seems very vague is the cost of wedding flowers. I would want a bouquet for me and my 3 bridesmaids, plus little bouquets for my flowergirls. In addition, I need a few flower arrangements for the end of the pews on the church, and table decorations for 15 tables plus an arrangement for the top table. Ooh, and button hole flowers for groom, best man and 3 ushers. How much did you spend on flowers for your wedding? Or does anyone know a website which would give me rough approximations for flowers?

Doug answers:

A lot of florists cannot give you an exact price until nearer the time as the cost of flowers changes regularly. (Not much use to us B2Bs though is it!) I found this when searching for wedding flowers. A lot of the cost, as im sure youve found out already, is by adding the wedding word to it. As soon as you mention wedding, the zeros are added on.
For my wedding, I am having my bouquet, one for my bridesmaid, a top table arrangement, 8 corsages, and the flowers for button holes for 80 guests. (I am making button holes myself.) This is costing £220. I shopped around and this was by far the cheapest. A lot of more upmarket florists were charging £500-£600 for this.
Lots of luck honey. There is a place in Jersey that deliver next day and their flowers are amazing and they are very cheap. Cant find website at the mo but if i do, ill post it for you.

Sandra asks…

how much is the average cost of wedding flowers?

Doug answers:

It depends on if you have a florist do it, or if you have silk instead of real… Etc.

I ordered mine through a wholesaler (beautiful mini-calla lillies and many of them)
Then my bridesmaids and I took a class on how to do flowers about 3 months before the wedding. It cost us a total of $300.
If you go with a florist I had quotes from $1000 to $2500. I know silk is also a cheaper way to go if you like those kind of flowers. Good luck, and happy planning.

William asks…

Whats the average cost for flowers (including, center pieces, etc) for a wedding of 100 guests?

what if you provide the flowers and vases? whats the labor cost? in NY-NJ area?

Doug answers:

Depends of the flowers that you chose.

Most of the florist charges are labor. The average price for a bridal bouquet here in the northeast is $150. My BM bouquets were $75 a piece, each boutonniere was $25, each corsage was $35. My flower arrangements were $100 a piece.

Good luck

Helen asks…

How much is the average price for a wedding in MN The cost of reception hall, food, flowers & pictures?

Doug answers:

Go the

It’s a great resource & has a budget tool that can help you plan your wedding.


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