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Your Questions About Concrete Cost Per Square Foot

William asks…

cost of seal coating concrete parking lot & what kind of coat i need?

I want to know what kind of seal coating i need for my 17000 square feel concrete parking lot? what does it generally cost per sq. foot to have seal & coat concrete parking lot. I don’t want to get scammed like lot of elder people get scammed. I got one quote verbally for 18 cents a square foot but i am going to pass on it as contractor sounds not very reliable. I prefer someone local with landline phone number and physical location (not someone staying in a rented space or staying at motel). He told me to seal coat my concrete parking just like asphalt parking lot. can Coal tar based or rubber sand based application can be applied to Concrete parking lot to sealcoat?? I am in southwest missouri (corner of OK, AR, & KS). what does it cost per square feet to seal and coat concrete parking lot. what kind of application i need on concrete parking. My parking lot is about 10-12 year old and it is in average shape. No big holes or any crack. Just too white and i want it too look like blacktop. Any advice? I did little research online and found it generally cost 8 to 12 cents a square feet for seal coat but its all for asphalt parking lot. Is there different sealer for asphalt and concrete?
Anyone who can answer…just one asnwer in 2 days….any expert reading this please answer….

Doug answers:

Hello I am not an expert in this area however I did come up with a site that you could look at and on the contact us section you can fill in some details and explain what it is you are looking for and they can give a qoute to you on line and answer any questions you might have also a quick check of the yellow pages and the list of contractors is endless all of which I’m sure would give you a quote all of this info came courtesy of google

Helen asks…

Cost per sq. ft. to remove asphalt driveway and replace w/ concrete?

I live in maryland and we’d like to take out our (rather large) asphalt driveway and replace it with concrete, does anyone know what the cost would be per square foot?

Doug answers:

In md. You can figure 7 dollars a sq. Ft. And up…

Richard asks…

Residential Concrete Staining. Average cost? California.?

Hi. So, we are thinking of buying a house and doing a concrete stain on the slab. Currently, it has nasty, flea-ridden BLUE carpet that deserves to be burned to ashes in some spectacular fashion. Anyway, we’ve been discussing the various pros and cons of wood flooring verses tile. I work in construction management and a lot of our retail clients have been doing a concrete stain on their floors. So, I looked it up and it turns out that it is possible to get the faux look of marble, tile, or anything else we want (although I would want to stick to tile, natural stone or marble). Well, not one single website I looked at offers an average cost per square foot.

Has anybody done any concrete stain in their home? If so, roughly how much did it cost? This is for about 1200 square feet in the house.

Oh, and yes, I have emailed several companies asking for rough estimate and have not gotten a single response back yet.

Doug answers:

Pancakes taste good! Just cover your floor in pancakes mam!! Mmmmmmm! Pancakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D
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Mark asks…

Approximately, how much would it cost me to demolish and replace a total of 650 square feet sidewalk?

I understand there is one price to demolish (per square foot), and another one to replace a concrete sidewalk (per square foot also). It would be lovely if you can tell me how much money I’m expected to spend for the whole job.

thanks in advance!

Doug answers:

More money than i have

Ken asks…

how much does rebar cast per square foot i need to know asap!!! thanks?

i’m doing a science project on concrete reinforcements would love to know how much it costs per foot can anyone help me?

Doug answers:

4 foot piece @ HOME DEPOT is 3.00ea.

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Your Questions About Stamped Concrete Cost

Ruth asks…

Building a concrete patio, would like to stamp?

Anyone know where I can rent stamps for a concrete patio I’m going to build? I’m in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

Also, do you know how much it might cost?


Doug answers:

In my area there isn’t a place to rent stamps I wish there was. I do concrete work on the side. I had to buy mine they were around 100 bucks each. I bought these crappy styrofoam ones first. The floppy one had no flop to it. If you find a place to rent them make sure they are the good ones. Up next to the house you will need a rubber floppy so you can stamp up close to the house. I would buy the coloring you put in the truck its alot easier and if it ever chips or whatever the color goes all the way through. Get the relese that you can wash off with water its much easier to work with. You have to use acid with the other and it doesnt come off your skin its a real mess. Any other questions e-mail me I think it is one of the easiest ways for a diyer to finish concrete besides exposed aggregate.

James asks…

How much to pave my driveway….?

I have seen many similar questions, but no real answers. I have a 23×35′ asphalt driveway, and I would like to know the price difference between resurfacing, bricking it myself ($2K in brick), concrete, and stamped concrete. I had a quote about a year ago, and I can’t remember the price, but he said it would have to be 1-1/2″ thick. It is such a pain to have someone come out and get a quote because I work all day during the week. Of course if I do anything other than asphalt, then I have an additional cost to rip out and remove the old asphalt.
Oh, please only respond if you have an answer with a price, not a “depends” answer — thanks!

Doug answers:

Here’s your price (that 1 1/2 is bull)

This is the standard for 1 lift of asphalt 3/10ths of a foot.
The cost of installing a lift (no subgrade, no demo) plus 1 oil seal coat. With your 23x 35′ total 875 sq. Ft. @$2.57 = $2068.85

The demo cost is $9.42 per sq yard with a 3/10 of foot.

The flighby niters will come in cheaper it is biggest ripoffs I’ve seen they come with a cheap price it’s only 1 1/2 thick and no oil seal.

Donald asks…

how much have people paid for their landscaping?

My husband and I are getting landscaping done and are trying to figure out what to expect (price wise). We are going to do planters, with tropical plants, sprinkler system, lighting, and stamped concrete. Can someone tell me either how much their landscaping costed them or what we should expect?

Doug answers:

Most landscaping companies will come out and give you an estimate to give you a rough idea of what you are looking at spending. Of course with any estimate things could come up that might increase the price so you may want to consider than when planning your budget.

Mary asks…

What are the best asphalt driveway repair/resurfacing options? (See details please)?

I have a large driveway/parking pad that heaved this past winter. A 10×10 foot section is seriously cracked (like an eggshell) and moves easily underfoot. I’ve already looked online for a lot of different things from recoat/resurfacing, patching, stamped concrete replacement, etc. I’m interested in hearing from anyone who has had significant asphalt/blacktop repair or replacement work done. Any contractors who perform this kind of work are welcome to respond, as well. What are the pro’s/con’s of the different options and approx costs? Thanks.

Doug answers:

The CLUE to your problem is “heaved this past winter.” This means water flowed under your asphalt, froze, expanded and cracked and spalled the asphalt above. You are WASTING your money if you simply repair the asphalt – it will heave again. You must 1)if possible find the source of the water and divert flow well away from the slab 2) demolish the slab 3)remove the underlying materials (earth etc) to a depth of 12 – 18 inches 4) replace the material with new select material that will drain e.g. Non clay soil and gravel 5) compact all with a rental compactor 6) contract for placement of hot mix asphalt.

Linda asks…

Is $2000 a lot for 325 sq feet of concrete installed?

We have a 8 x 12 concrete patio and want to add to it. The added concrete will be about 325 sq feet. Most of that space needs to be excavated. I asked about doing the excavation myself and he said it would take $200 off the quote. We got one quote for $2000 for everything included excavation (obviously $1800 without). That’s just basic concrete – not stamped or anything. With concrete around $115 a yard around here, I figure his cost for materials (gravel, rebar, etc) will be around $500-600. $1200-1400 for labor seems really high for me. We’re trying to get other estimates but have trouble with people coming out to give them. Any thoughts?

Doug answers:

That is a lot of digging for $200. That price is not out of line, if they remove the dirt.

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Your Questions About Stamped Concrete

Steven asks…

stamped concrete or real stone pavers in driveway?

i currently have an asphalt driveway that i may reseal. I know having someone put in stone pavers is expensive unless i try to do it myself but i don’t know how hard it is?

how is stamped concrete? does it hold up better than stone pavers? is it less expensive?

i know you can have tons of patterns and color with concrete now a days. which would you choose, concrete or pavers? how do they both compare cost wise? the size of my driveway is 20×28.

Doug answers:

Having someone else put in stone pavers is prolly expiensive. If you tired to do it yourself then goodluck because i herd its alot of hard work. Stamped concrete is pretty nice. I would say that it prolly holds better than stone pavers. There prolly alomost about the same price but stamped concerte is prolly a little more expensive. I would prolly choose concrete. Once again cost wise they are prolly about the same but concerte is prolly little more expensive, and if your driveway is 20×28 it is still prolly the same. I would prolly just go with stamped concrete. Good Lcuk! :)

Richard asks…

What is the best way to strip & re-seal decorative (colored) stamped concrete?

The surface of our three year old, decorative stamped patio is washed out and appears almost milky in color.

What should I do to restore it to it’s original, glossy/colored (brown) appearance?

Colored concrete – without a sealer – looks very muted, almost chalk like in appearance. However, when you apply the sealer the color (in our case, dark brown) pops and appears glossy until the sealer is eventually weathered away.

After the original coat of sealer weathered away after about a year, I bought a 10 gallon drum of sealer from Home Depot and applied two coats on my own, on two successive days.

My application never looked like the original, much less like I wanted. It only looks good when it’s wet at which point it looks exactly how it used to.

How do I get back to where I want to be? I assume that I need to first strip all of the accumulated and remaining sealer from the patio and start over. Is that accurate?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Related photos:

Doug answers:

I would personally reccommend a professional sealer. My husband does stamped concrete for a living. There are different sheens that you can get. We use Stampcrete Ultra Sheen 6000 and it stays glossy and shiny for about a year. It cost $130 for a 5 gallon bucket. (Although we probably only used 10% of the whole thing) The ones you can get at the Home Improvement stores aren’t as good. Hope this helps!

Sharon asks…

How can I resurface my stamped concrete?

I have stamped concrete that I can not stand. It collects too much dirt in the grooves and it looks horrible. I want it flat again so I can put an overlay on it in a design I like. It that possible? Will a polymer-modified overlay fill in the “gaps”? Is it expensive?

Doug answers:

New concrete over old should be at least 2″ thick so that it will not crack. You may need to first apply a concrete bonding compound.

It is also possible to resurface using some specialty products like “Top & Bond” that might be available in your big box store.

It is also possible to essentially grind the surface off. But with cheaper alternatives this is rarely done.

Your last choice is to break it up and re pour.

Another alternative is to simply invest in a pressure washer to make cleaning easier.

Chris asks…

How much does it cost to get a stamped concrete patio (about 10′ X 15′)?

I am thinking about calling a concrete contractor but I would like to know some ballpark figures of how much a stamped concrete patio runs. Thanks

Doug answers:

10 x 15 x 4″ will run you about $5,000.00 to $6,000.00 between the contractor, his illegal work crew and the trucking for the concrete

Charles asks…

Can stamped concrete be repaired?

I just had a stamped concrete patio put in. The finish in the center of the patio it is very poor, rough, uneven , and choppy. The concrete company stated that they will grind down the bad section of concrete refill it and stain it. Is this a sound method for repairing the concrete or is it just a half ass way to repair it. Oh yea the day the concrete was being stamped the guys were yelling that it was drying too fast could this have something to do with it? The company said that it has nothing to do with the finish.

Doug answers:

I had that problem too…..they will destroy the part you dont want, then fill it again, it will be fixxed, but you will always see the difference in color…..even if they stain it, it is best just to leave it the way it is if they will charge you for it. If they wont charge you (or it just looks really bad) then it is better to get it fixxed….then see if it is visible, depending on the lighting (i noticed at nights it is not as noticable, or in the shade) and see if you want to cover it with a table or mat. The frying too fast definetly has something to do with it. If concrete drys too fast ( if it is a cold day or very hot day ) then it will leave cracks.

Good luck

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